Danby 70 Pint Dehumidifier – DDR7009REE Review

Excess moisture in buildings is becoming a major source of problems: metal products and structures corrode, mildew and stains appear on the surface of the walls and ceiling, cracking concrete and masonry. Excessive moisture can not only cause premature failure of buildings, but also adversely affect the health of people in the room. For these reasons, struggle with an excess of water is a priority for the normal life of people and buildings. The use of ventilation for these purposes is not always effective and there is a need to use the functions of dehumidifiers.

Danby 70 Pint Dehumidifier – DDR7009REE – Energy Star Compliant is a perfect dehumidifier to remove excessive moisture from large areas. It has a large water tank and can collect up to 70 pints of water per day. It operates with a help of electronic control system and can be programmed to maintain required moisture level.

Using special LED display you can choose the preferable mode of operation and the automatic control system will stop the process of dehumidifying when the water tank is full. The device is Energy star compatible so it helps you to save energy and money. Water tank is adjustable and easy to clean. The device has auto dry function which removes the moisture from the filter in order to prevent multiplication of bacteria.


Product description:

  • 70 pints Dehumidifier
  • Electronic control system
  • LED display
  • Energy star compatible
  • Size: 11.1×15.3×23.6 inches; weight: 35.8 pounds


  • Powerful dehumidifier
  • Large water tank
  • Electronic control system
  • Auto dry function
  • Easy to clean and operate


  • Loud
  • Pricey

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