Comfortable Sleep with the Pillow Top Mattress Pad

If you are wondering which would be a good buy in terms of a good mattress to help you achieve the good sleep that you need and if you are at a loss with the variety at your disposal, then it is time to consider the manifold benefits and the plush feeling that is attached to a pillow top mattress pad.

The pillow top is just another type of mattress pad that has been hyped quite a bit as of lately along with the waterproof mattress pad, and for good reason. These mattresses are largely padded on the top surface and the elevated ground is what gives it its name.  Usually these are available in two distinct styles. One is where a cloth covers a metal piece and the other is where the padding and the filling are specifically designed to adapt to the shape of the body. The other variation to this is that the side with the elevated padding can sometimes be swapped enabling both side usage of the mattress. On one hand, these are a little bit more expensive than the other variety; however, on the other hand, these are convenient and comfortable for the user.

Brands like Serta specialise in the manufacture of these mattress pads and they often collaborate with notable names such as Vera Wang to bring to us the very best for our daily sleep routine. Other brands such as Simmons have been in good business for many years now. The reason why a lot people prefer this is for very categorical reasons.

  1. These pads come with an extra layer of cushioning and comfort and that has been proven as a very important prerequisite for good sleep. This new element adds a completely new dimension of cushioning and luxuriousness to ones sleeping cycle. These are usually made of quilt, cotton, wool, or foam and the superior fabrics guarantee an extra level of comfort altogether.
  2. It is because of a separate elevated platform that ensures that the mattresses last longer. It protects the base cushion from being spoilt or damaged with rough use.
  3. These mattresses have thicker layers of padding than other kinds of mattresses and apart from being comfortable, they also relieve users of common issues such as backaches and joint aches. Since they aid blood flow in the body, the overall health of a person improves quite drastically.

Notwithstanding all its abilities, it is always a good idea to test these in person, for the appropriate levels of comfort and their actual fit to your bed. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for your mind and body and a pillow top mattress pad just might do the trick for you.

TOTO SS114-01 Transitional SoftClose Elongated Toilet Seat Review

A new seat design from Toto toilet it is called the TOTO SS114-01 Transitional SoftClose Elongated Toilet Seat which it has a SoftClose action that eliminates injury and “Toilet Seat Slam”
It has a comfortable and ergonomic design which has a Solid High-Impact, High Gloss Polypropylene.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank Number
# 1 in Family Toilet Seats

It has a measurement of 18-1/2-Inch in Length, for the Width 14-Inch and the Height is 1-1/2-Inch. This is a Cotton White Elongated seat that has one year warranty made from Japan.This will give comfort to any of your Toto Elongated toilet.

High Standard Design
This is the latest innovative seat invention of Toto that gives comfort to all users and incorporates the high standard of good quality. The seat and lid has a built in SoftClose hinge system, which controls the seat down slowly and quietly.

Also, the top tightening mounting bolts are designed for faster and easy installation with a friendly user guide to follow with the easy installation instruction including the several tips on how to maintain and take care of the seat. Toto’s SoftClose seat has a modernized design to fit to any regular or elongated bowls.

Rating Statistics
314 customers rated this toilet for 4.0 stars out of 5 stars, 176 of them rated 5 stars and only 32 customers rated for 1 star.

Price saver
You don’t need to spend a lot of money on this seat since it has an affordable price unlike wit the other seat cover in the market. With the high standard quality and inevitable best design you and your family going to love this product also you can recommend it to your friends without any hesitations.

Clean seat
Toto SS114-01 SoftClose Elongated Seat has a molded bumpers that is very easy to clean also it is resistant to any chemicals and cleaning agents plus hassle free. It always maintains good looking like a brand new seat and no need to replace it from time to time.


Reasons why customers rated 4.0 stars

  1. Weldon reacted ” I was pleasantly surprised that Toto created a stainless steel screw and newly design rubber insert, no more rusted screws”
  2. Dan commented ” It is very easy to find what I need also it was a very fast and order”
  3. Jim R says ” This is a heart saver seta especially every time my kids slam the cover”
  4. Jim shares his ideas ” The soft close feature is the best also it has good quality”
  5. Edward says ” Expensive but works like a charm”
  6. Sobebum shares “ The seat is very comfortable and stable”

Shipping Details
You can order this toilet anywhere you are in US and also some selected territories outside of United States and also this item must be shipped separately from the other items that you purchase from Amazon to provide a special handling with free of charge.

Danby 70 Pint Dehumidifier – DDR7009REE Review

Excess moisture in buildings is becoming a major source of problems: metal products and structures corrode, mildew and stains appear on the surface of the walls and ceiling, cracking concrete and masonry. Excessive moisture can not only cause premature failure of buildings, but also adversely affect the health of people in the room. For these reasons, struggle with an excess of water is a priority for the normal life of people and buildings. The use of ventilation for these purposes is not always effective and there is a need to use the functions of dehumidifiers.

Danby 70 Pint Dehumidifier – DDR7009REE – Energy Star Compliant is a perfect dehumidifier to remove excessive moisture from large areas. It has a large water tank and can collect up to 70 pints of water per day. It operates with a help of electronic control system and can be programmed to maintain required moisture level.

Using special LED display you can choose the preferable mode of operation and the automatic control system will stop the process of dehumidifying when the water tank is full. The device is Energy star compatible so it helps you to save energy and money. Water tank is adjustable and easy to clean. The device has auto dry function which removes the moisture from the filter in order to prevent multiplication of bacteria.


Product description:

  • 70 pints Dehumidifier
  • Electronic control system
  • LED display
  • Energy star compatible
  • Size: 11.1×15.3×23.6 inches; weight: 35.8 pounds


  • Powerful dehumidifier
  • Large water tank
  • Electronic control system
  • Auto dry function
  • Easy to clean and operate


  • Loud
  • Pricey