Beds For Kids, Inc.® (804)302.4227 or 1 (888) 613-0066

 The original Beds For Kids, Inc 501(c)3 since 2006.       

We provide for the welfare and well-being of children, by providing a free bed to a child in need.

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At Beds For Kids, Inc., our goal is to not only provide a bed to a child in need of help, but to help build their dreams.  

Children without a bed are children that could be doing 60% better in school with a proper nights sleep.  

There are on average over 300 children consistently waiting for a bed to sleep on. There are countless children out there every night wishing that someone cared enough to help.  These are children that are sleeping on hard floors, with other siblings, on sofas and newborns with parents in need of a new crib.