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Making Dreams Come True

“We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.” - Stacia Tauscher

Can you imagine bringing your newborn home from the hospital, wrapping him in a blanket and laying him down on a rug on a concrete floor?  Can you imagine having a child if this is the only bed you could provide?   
But what if you found out you were pregnant and your husband said he couldn't handle having children.  You came home one day and found that he left you with no furniture, no job and 8 months pregnant? 


 Imagine having three children all under the age of 10.  Imagine all three children witnessing your husband hit you over and over again until you realized you were showing them that this is how a person should be treated.  So you found the courage and took the only option you had.  You left the next day and never looked back. But for the safety of you and your children you had to leave while he was at work and took nothing with you.  

 We assume that children have a bed to sleep on.  In fact, millions sleep on the floor every night.  They would pass up getting toys to be a normal child with a bed.  We also assume that every newborn has a crib.  

In fact, (Micheal J. Breus, PHD)

  • Poor sleepers reported being significantly more depressed, without energy, tired, tense, moody, stressed, irritable, and less rested and alert than good sleepers. Interestingly and importantly, they were also more likely to have a negative self-image, which, in light of the above, is not surprising.
  • Insufficient sleep has been associated with daytime fatigue, inability to concentrate in school, ADHD, a tendency to doze off in class, problematic behaviors, and lower levels of social skills. One study showed that teachers believed that some children with sleep disturbances were hyperactive and less attentive.

We need your support to help us provide a bed for a child in need!  Children cannot change their enviornment but we can help them in affecting change for their future.



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If every person only gave $1 we could help 1000 children each year.
 These two little girls are the daughters of a serviceman over in Afghanistan.  Their father is over serving in our military and his family is home barely making ends meet.  When we got the call that both girls needed a bed we knew we had to help.