Kids are typically moving bodies filled with so much energy. They just keep on jumping up and down, running everywhere, doing whatever stuff they can do that involves so much movement. Kids can be hyperactive any time any where – whether they are in an open field or inside their houses, they will do what they love doing. In that case, being inside their rooms will not ever stop them from being the playful kids that they are. That is why there are bunk beds for kids. While mom and dad like them for their space-saving and space-maximizing capacity, kids love them for their playground-ish characteristic.

Bunk beds for kids come in a wide range of kid-pleasing designs that can actually make their play and their sleep more enjoyable. Kids can just be highly imaginative and use their beds as an army tent, as a space shuttle, as a make believe castle, or as a doll house. Although themes for kid’s bunk beds might sound unnecessary, it actually makes bed time more fun for them. For growing children, it is undeniable that sleep is important. Having a fun bed time (which inevitably involves play), can actually add to the comfort to any kid’s place for sleep. Comfort is one key to a good night’s sleep.

However, despite the fun factor, there are a lot of safety concerns about the use of bunk beds. It is important to be aware of the fact that even sleep does not stop children (sometimes even grown ups) from moving a lot and rolling around on their beds. Putting children high above the ground can mean putting them at risk. There are a lot of cases and reports about falling from a bunk bed. Although there are bunk beds designed to be super safe like stairway bunk beds that are known to lessen the occurrence of danger, having them for kids does not necessarily guarantee safety. A good parental intervention and supervision will still be a better way to minimize danger and avoid accidents.

The intervention part can be done when buying the bunk bed. Inspecting the bed, like the safety rails for instance, is a must. Rails that are horizontal are not as secure as they seem to be. Kid can slip through them. Vertical rails that run along the higher bunk do a better job in making sure that the child won’t slip. The supervision part comes in once the bunk beds have been bought. Before the kids start fussing over who gets to sleep on the highest bunk, parents have to make sure that their kids understand the function of the rails. The importance of being cautious when using the ladder is another thing worth discussing. Explaining to children consequences of improper use of the ladder would also help in ensuring safety. A night light which can help the kids see where they are climbing can also be installed for added security. Not having children under the age of seven sleep on the top bunk is also a smart option.Related image

Taking time to go about safety precautions is the way to giving kids an enjoyable bedtime and their parents a worry free sleep. In this way, having bunk beds for kids can really be so much fun even with a little space.

Kid Bunk Beds Ensuring Safety

When deciding to let your child use kid bunk beds, you need to ensure their safety as well. There had been a lot of mishaps involving children and their bunk beds and therefore it is a parent’s duty to ensure that their child will be safe in using a bunk bed. Here are some tips on how you can assure the safety of your child when choosing a bunk bed.

  • Consider the child’s age and maturity. Allowing your child to use a bunk bed, you need to be sure that your child is matured enough to know the dangers of playing in a bunk bed. A child must understand that there is a danger when he will playing on the top bunk and since parents are cannot keep an eye on the child 24 hours a day, they should decide carefully when their child is finally prepared to use a bunk bed.
  • Closing the mattress-guard rail gap. Parents should also see to it that the mattress fits the bunk bed frame. If there is a gap, it should not be more than 3 inches from the guard rail. A child may accidentally slip and it may cause a fatal injury. When buying kid bunk beds, it is important to choose carefully the mattress that would go with it to lessen the hazard.
  • Choosing the right mattress. The mattress should fit well in the bunk bed frame. This is to prevent the accidental slipping of the child at the top bunk when there are gaps in between the mattress and the guard rail. Choosing the right mattress would save your child from fatal injuries.
  • Check the supports that the top bunk has. It is important that the parents should meticulously check for the supports that the top bunk has to ensure that it is safe. Do not choose bed bunks that has a floating board support this poses a great danger especially when kids pushes the top bunk. This can be a cause of an injury.
  • It is also important to choose a bunk bed that has side rails on both sides. Thus when shopping for bunk beds, you should bring a ruler with you and try to measure the guard rails. The lower safety rail should not measure more than 3.5 inches and the top bunk safety rails should not measure below 5 inches above the mattress.
  • Teach children not to play on the bunk beds. It is important that parents should teach children not to play on the bunk beds and they should find time to do it if they want their children safe.
  • You should also consider the safety when choosing the material for your bunk beds. Metal beds are more prone to collapse and thus if you have a metal bunk bed, you should check it regularly if there are loose bolts.

Metal Bunk Beds Why Choose It?

Bunk beds are of different types and styles and one type of bunk bed is the metal bunk bed that is very popular nowadays. Metal bunk beds are those bunk beds that are made of tubular metal which are painted and glossed. You can also find different types of this kind of bunk bed. The ladder and the frame of this bunk bed are made out of metal that can be a twin over twin bed, a twin over full type of bunk bed, or a twin bed with an empty space underneath where you can fill the space with a couch, a desk or even a dresser.

The metal bunk beds are lighter compared to the bunk beds that are made of wood thus this is very convenient to have in your room especially if you are a person who would want to change the look of the room once in a while.  You can just even assemble it yourself making it easy for you to just dismantle and reassemble it anytime you want. This is also the type of bed that will let you save on shipping fee if you are planning to purchase it online. Since it is just lightweight, it will have a cheaper shipment cost.

Bunk beds that are made of metal in the past are unbelievably out of style. They are just some bunk bed frames without the color and the style that are used in dorms and in prisons. Nowadays, bunk beds that are made of metal have revolutionized and manufacturers have created something great out of the metals and made not only a very useful bed but a stylish bed as well.

Manufacturers have created exceptional designs that made people appreciate the beauty of bunk bed that is made from metal. The style changed the minds of people of having this type of bed just for prison cells or dormitories. With the different styles like the fan-style headboards, many people opt to have bunk beds made of metal. The current designs of the bunk beds nowadays make the bed really a great focal point of the room. You can even choose colors that would surely fit your room’s background or theme or dress your bunk bed it to fit the room’s style and theme.

Bunk beds that are made of metal may cause you some doubts when it comes to safety, but with the new materials that are strong and the designs which the manufacturers have, metal bunk beds are now made stronger and safe. If you are looking for that stylish bed that you can have in your room, metal bunk beds are the best choice for you. This is not the only cheaper compared to the wooden bunk beds but this is also convenient for you to move around the room if you want your room to have a new look and this type of bed would give you the less the hassle especially if you are moving from one house to another. This is why bunk beds made of metal are the best choice for you.

Futon Bunk Beds Things You Need To Know

People wish for a room with all the comforts included. You may feel that you have the best bedroom. However, there is always an urge to make it even better by putting in something extra. It can be something flexible and can be change depending on the mood of the occupants. One of the multi-utility furniture is the twin futon bunk beds, which can be use as a couch in the morning and a comfortable bed during the night.

Twin futon bunk bed is a bunk bed with futon on the lower bunk and twin bed in its upper bunk. It is the popular choice of most teenagers. You can use it as couch during the day and can accommodate your friends and guests right at your bedroom. It can be a sofa for your child’s bedroom making it the best furniture if you intend to have a party right at your child’s bedroom. This is considered as the number one choice of students, be in their own home or while they are at their dormitory. Hostels owners can also use the futon bunk bed as an alternative because of its dual role. Students can utilize these futon bunk beds during group studies, simply stretching themselves and during study sessions. Students can also have enough space to have their routine exercises or dances right at their bedroom. If you have friends who want to stay in your room over for the night you can accommodate him without having to sleep on the floor.

Futon beds are very useful and you can also place it whenever you want it in your room. You can place it close to the wall of the room or at the center of the room without having any problem. What is amazing is that smaller rooms can also accommodate this type of bed. You will be able to save a lot of space and at the same time it makes your room look elegant and comfortable to be on it. You can also place futon beds in your living rooms. So that if you need extra bed after partying you can easily set it up to accommodate some of your guests.

Twin futon bunk beds are made of different materials such as metals like wrought iron and aluminum and wood. Both varieties are long lasting and durable. It is also available in different colors and designs. You can choose form pure white to cherry to dark walnut and medium oak. It has designs that can favored both the young and old alike. These are available in stores that offers bunk beds and on online as well.  The price of futon beds depend on the size, designs and materials that you choose. It is designed to help solve the problem of home owners on the availability of the space in their houses. You can easily find some simple but classy models and there are also available in elegant and stylish design. Because of the wide varieties of designs that you can choose from you may have a hard time deciding which is the best for you.Image result for bunk bed for kids with slide

Loft Bunk Bed

The combination of loft beds and bunk beds is known as loft bunk beds. It means that there are two beds, stacked one of the other. These beds are placed in a way that creates an additional space under the bed accessories to be placed. The lower part can be either detached or connected to the whole system. In order to make more rooms for drawers, desks, sofa or chair the lower bed can be removed from under the loft bed.

It is fun to have a loft and bunk beds in one. It makes room sharing a great experience since each of you has its own space. It also has spacious area under the bed giving you a large area for clothes, toys storage and others. Media racks can fitted on loft beds either under the bed directly or on the side with space enough for a computer desktop or cd racks, or space for reading or writing. Your entertainment stand, bookshelf, nightstand, dresser with mirror and others can also be placed under the loft bed. This type of bed is best for college dorms where space is limited. Those who are living in tiny apartments can fit this type of bed and can even have enough area for tables, chairs and other desks.

There are various models and sizes that you can choose from. It can be regular, queen or full size of individually size bed. It is made of steel or wood. Others have lower trundle bed that can be pulled out as third bed if someone need a space to sleep over. The loft bunk beds has safety gears making it useful not only for kids but for adults as well. It has single or double safety bars that are connected to the upper part of the bed preventing the user from falling during sleep. This may cost you a little bit higher but the convenience and safety that it could bring is worth every penny spent.

These beds maybe a little bit expensive but you will surely enjoy the benefits and satisfaction that it could give. It will help you to live comfortably and can arrange things the way you want it to be. What is best about loft bed is that you don’t have to go to one room to another just to get the things that you need since they are all organize under your bed.

Loft bunk beds are the answer to your quest to make things organize inside your room and your child as well. Safety is important and is therefore must be considered first before buying. Since your kids will be the one sleeping on it you must be particular on some manufacturer defects that may not be evident in the naked eyes. Check whatever it is that is needed to be check before paying for it. Remember these types of bed will cost you a lot so be sure that you will be purchasing a bed that will last longer.